Outline of JIPAT

The Japan Interior Planner’s Association, Tokyo (JIPAT) was established in 1995 as an organization of persons holding the Interior Planner qualification and became a general incorporated association in 2014. The Association comprises Professional Members, AIP Members, General Members, Student Members, and Corporate Members. Councilors and directors are elected from among the Professional Members. A chairperson, vice-chairperson, and executive director elected from among the directors play key roles in operating JIPAT together with the directors.

Since its founding, JIPAT has vigorously engaged in various activities, mainly committee activities, and the results and achievements of those activities have attracted widespread attention from many quarters. The Japan Federation of Interior Planner’s Association (JIPA) plays a central role in those activities.


JIPAT has set the following objective.

“Disseminate and provide education in knowledge and skills relating to interior design, with a principal emphasis on interior space and interior elements, which are closely connected with people’s lives. Contribute to the development of society and culture by enhancing the qualifications of professionally qualified interior planners, establishing their social standing, and promoting mutual friendship and exchange among JIPAT members.” In today’s tumultuous society, it is becoming increasingly important to consider the appropriate nature of interiors as living space and activities space. As an organization of advanced interior specialists, JIPAT aims to disseminate its message and contribute to society.